Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A day at the pool

There’s something about a fantasy that has at least the potential to be real. In truth, it is unlikely that my wife will ever engage in a steamy threesome with a well hung black man, for example, so fantasies about such things may be fun, but that’s about it. On the other hand, fantasies that could possibly happen are much more erotic, since when I visualize my wife doing these things, there’s at least an outside chance that it may really happen.

This is one of those fantasies… not as graphic as some of the others, but this is something that she might actually do one day, or something similar to it, if the circumstances were just right.

This was written for a guy I was chatting with, who just happens to adore my wife (which I think is so erotic!!). Feedback, comments, messages, confessions and all the rest are welcome. The easiest way to reach me is at hubbydoug@gmail.com

It was a great day for a swim in our backyard pool. It was warm out already, so you and I were already in swim shorts, while my wife was in her bikini. Cheryl, you and me all headed outside with some towels and drinks. Cheryl grabbed her book.

We got down to the pool edge and you and I jumped in. My pretty wife stood on the edge, always taking a little longer to jump into the water. That was fine with us, from a few feet out in the water we looked back at her and admired her sexy, curvy body in her bikini. It was a sight we both could look at for as long as she was willing to stand there. She grinned at me, fully aware that she was being stared at sexually, as if to tell me that she was OK with the idea that another man was checking her out so directly.

Finally she jumped in, swimming in between us. I felt her arm brush against my crotch, rubbing over my half-hard cock. I wasn’t sure if she would have been bold enough to do the same to you, but even if she wasn’t, she was clearly comfortable with the idea of being the object of desire for two men.

We swam for a bit, and she got out. Once again we stayed in the water watching her as she carefully placed her feet on the edge, bending over slightly to keep her balance. I thought she was moving a little too slowly, a little too deliberately in order to give us a better, longer look at her ass.

She spread out her towel on a lounger chair and grabbed her book, extending her legs out in front of her. We just kept watching her. A few moments later she parted her legs slightly, and you shifted a couple feet over in the water so your view would be directly between her legs. She appeared to be simply reading her book, but I was sure she must have been aware of where we were and that we were looking at her. Then she bent one leg upwards, giving you a slightly better view of her bikini-covered pussy.

You glanced over at me and quietly said “fuck, Doug, Cheryl is really turning me on…”

“That’s very cool… I love the idea that my wife turns other men on,” I said. “Are you turned on enough to do something about it?”

“What did you have in mind?”

Now I was getting into risky territory. I could have been reading her all wrong and this could turn out really, really badly. But I know that my wife fantasizes about being watched. I also know that she enjoys watching me masturbate for her sometimes, and will remain nude or topless for me as I stroke myself. I was also pretty sure that she was turned on, too, given the way she deliberately let us stare at her, and now the way she was sitting with her legs open.

“One of her fantasies is to be the centerpiece of a circle jerk…”

You were immediately interested. “I’m willing if she is… how do you know if she will?”

I didn’t, for sure. Everything we had ever fantasized about in the past was just fantasy… I wasn’t sure if she’d really go for it here with another actual person. I called over to her “You look good, babe…”

Although you had no idea, this phrase has over time become the line I use before getting into a more detailed fantasy scenario. Depending on her response, I’ll either ramp up the fantasy a bit or drop the idea. I was hoping she’d catch on and be receptive. I watched her carefully for a response, and for a moment I thought that I had made a big mistake, but then, so slightly, she let her bent leg fall open just a little more.

My heart raced. She was willing. I don’t know if she had any idea what was going to happen, but she appeared to remain firmly fixated on her book, waiting to see what we were going to do.

I quietly suggested we take off our shorts, then get out of the water. From my wife’s perspective, there couldn’t have been much doubt as to what we were doing, but when we each tossed our wet trunks up onto the edge of the pool there was no doubt at all. I figured if I had grossly misunderstood my wife’s responses up to this point, she’d be asking us just what we were doing now.

But she didn’t… she just kept staring at her book.

You started to get out of the water, and I saw Cheryl’s eyes flick over at you, towards your cock. I presumed you were hard already, as I was. She was less than 10 feet from the water, and looked directly at you as you approached, crossing her legs and dropping her book down to her lap. I followed, climbing out of the water, my cock hard and bouncing with each step. I stood on the other side of her.

“We’re just going to look at you…” I told her, to ease any concerns she might have had as to the extent of her expected participation.

I reached for my cock, and gently wrapped my hand around it. Cheryl looked over at you as you did the same thing.

“I hope you don’t mind” you told her.

“I’m not going to stop you…” she said. In other words, she wanted to see this.

And just like that, there we were, both of us stroking our hard, long cocks on either side of my pretty wife. Instinctively we each moved into a little closer, watching her look at one cock, then the other…

She watched us for a few minutes, saying nothing, captivated by the sight of two men stroking their cocks for her. I loved the way she just watched you… staring at your cock, watching every motion of your hand. Soon, her hand dropped down to her lap, and her fingers traced over her pussy, still covered by her bikini bottoms, then rubbed over her clit more deliberately.

“You’d be more comfortable without those…” I remarked.

“I guess that would be fair…” she replied, really looking for any excuse to take them off. She laid back, raised her ass up off the towel and peeled her bikini bottoms down and kicked them right off, exposing her neatly trimmed golden brown pussy to us.

Closing her eyes, she spread her legs and ran her fingers up along her outer lips, making her inner lips flare out. I know that one of my wife’s most intense turn ons is to have her cunt spread open and exposed… now she was actually doing it… exposing her wide-open cunt to not only her husband, and not only out in the open sunshine, but to another man as well…

We both responded well to my wife’s exposure, stroking our cocks faster as she lay back again, subconsciously moving a little closer to her… She opened her eyes again, and stared up at your cock only about 18 inches from her face, your long hard cock pointing out over one of her bikini covered tits as you pumped it…

Clearly turned on, she was fixated on your cock as you watched her fingers rubbing her clit, then plunge deep inside her, coming back out wet as she kept rubbing her clit. I reached down to her bikini top, and eased one cup down under her breast, exposing her soft, big tit and hard nipple. I lightly ran my fingertips over her nipple, then gently pinched it. She moaned as she slid two fingers back into her wet cunt…

She ran her tongue over her lips, a motion I’ve come to recognize as an invitation to put my finger in her mouth to simulate her sucking another man’s cock… except that there was actually another man here, cock ready… did she really mean to tell me that she would suck your cock? We didn’t have a secret code that covered this, so I simply said again “Mmmm, Cheryl you look so good…”

Not knowing what her reaction would be, I was elated when she closed her eyes and again licked her lips, leaving her mouth partially open, her tongue just at the edge of her upper lip… I knew that my wife was offering to suck another man’s cock…

I motioned towards her mouth, and you looked up at me questioningly. I pointed again at her mouth and you shifted your position up her body, spreading your legs wider to bring your cock lower. You had stopped stroking it, but pressed it downwards, towards my wife’s waiting, married lips. You double checked with me, and I nodded.

That alone was a remarkable sight: my sweet, faithful wife, lying on her back… cunt exposed… one tit exposed… her mouth open as another man’s cock was poised over it, about to make contact… She knew you were close and opened her mouth just slightly more… her lips were wet… ready for you… Her fingers even stopped rubbing her clit, as she paused, waiting for that which she had only fantasized about before now…

You pressed the tip of your cock down against her bottom lip, touching it to her lip, holding it there. She had the smallest flinch with your first contact, but held her face and mouth open for you, knowing that she had a cock touching her mouth that wasn’t her husband’s…

You both remained motionless, realizing the significance of what was happening… until my sweet wife opened her mouth a little more, extending her tongue now and softly began to explore the underside of your cockhead with it… you kept your cock pressed down, giving her good contact between your cockhead and her tongue…

She began licking you more quickly, and kissing the tip of your cock, and as you pressed your cockhead down a little more, closing her lips right around the tip of your cock.

Wanting to assure her that I fully supported her, I told her “fuck Cheryl… you look so good babe…”

With that, she raised her head slightly to take more of your hard cock into her mouth… she moaned as if to thank me, and bobbed her head a few times, feeling your cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Her hand started moving once again on her pussy, and she inserted two fingers inside her cunt, curling them up inside her before again rubbing her sensitive clit.

I shifted upwards towards her head too, and she brought her hand (the one that wasn’t touching her cunt) up to my cock, closing her fingers around her husband’s cock as she sucked another man. She grasped my shaft, squeezing it and awkwardly trying to stroke it, the whole time sucking and licking your cock…

She then pulled back from your cock, and turned her face up towards me, smiling. Your cock hovered over her, wet from her mouth, pulsing and throbbing visibly. She pulled my cock down to her mouth and quickly took me in… You reached down to her bikini and pulled it down underneath her other tit, exposing it finally.

“Fuck Cheryl, you are amazing” you complimented her.

I don’t know if it was simply the compliment, or the fact that she was being complimented on such a slutty act right there in front of her husband, but she suddenly tensed up as she clamped her hand down over her clit, her body shaking as she had an orgasm with my cock still in her mouth.

When she recovered, she let my cock slip from her mouth and turned back to you. “I want you to cum” she said. She angled her face up towards you, and opened her mouth, offering it to you. You leaned down and slid it into her, and in seconds you were fucking my wife’s mouth as she tried to bob her head to keep up with you. Lovingly, I tucked her hair away from her face. She knew she was exposed. She knew she was on display. She knew her husband was watching her give another man a blow job…

You were making the most of this unexpected situation… you never thought that you’d actually see my wife exposed like this, and you certainly never thought that she’d actually be willing to suck your cock so wantonly like this… But there you were, fucking my pretty wife’s mouth as her husband stroked his cock right there in front of you, watching. You grabbed Cheryl’s tit, squeezing it as you felt your cock pulsing and your balls tightening…

“Oh fuck, Cheryl… I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum…. Oh Cheryl….” You gasped, hardly able to breathe, but wanting to warn her that you were almost there…

“yes, Babe… make him cum… give him what he wants…” I told her, reminding her that I was watching her every, slutty move…

Sensing that your explosion was imminent, she held her head still, sucking the head of your cock harder… It was perfectly clear to both of us that my wife was about to let you cum in her mouth.
“Oh fuck…. Oh fuck Cheryl…” you groaned, looking down her body at her fingers spreading her cunt open… up to her tits, bouncing gently with the motion of your cock in her mouth… then finally looking down at her pretty face and her married mouth closed around your cock… “Get ready….”

You stopped moving, holding your cock still, feeling only the sensation of her warm mouth and her tongue swishing back and forth under your cockhead… and then you exploded… truly blowing spurt after spurt into my wife’s mouth… you grunted as you deposited your hot load into her welcoming mouth, grabbing her tit harder, then pumping your hips back and forth again, fucking the married woman’s mouth as you filled it with sperm, giving her the reward she so richly deserved…

Watching my pretty wife…seeing what she was doing to you… hearing your groans and the sloppy sounds of her cum-filled mouth as you finished off fucking it was too much for me. I knelt over her tit, watching your cock spasm and throb in her mouth… knowing she was drinking down your cum… I exploded too, a thick hot jet of cum spraying across one of my wife’s tits and up towards her neck… she moaned with your cock still in her mouth, knowing that her husband loved seeing what she was doing…

As my third or fourth spurt landed on her chest, Cheryl’s fingers circled back over her clit and vigorously rubbed it, in seconds sending her into another intense orgasm… Her mouth opened as she screamed out in pleasure, but you just left your still pulsing cock at her lips, prolonging the erotic pleasure of holding another man’s cock in her mouth…

Finally she relaxed, letting her head roll back from your cock, as you released your grip on her breast. She was breathing heavily, her eyes still closed, her hand gently cradling her cunt…

“Mmm, you look so good, babe….” I told her. She smiled.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What the babysitter and I saw

This story was written for a girl I have been chatting with who loves the idea of watching my wife with another man almost as much as I do... I figured that while we watch, why not have some fun at the same time? As always, feedback is appreciated and encouraged... best way to reach me is hubbydoug@gmail.com

My wife and I were out at separate functions one night, and we had arranged for you to pick up our kids from daycare, feed them and get them into bed. We weren’t sure when we’d be home exactly, but my wife was supposed to be home relatively early. I was likely going to be much later. You’ve babysat for us for years, but less so lately since you started university.

Shortly after the kids were asleep, you heard my wife’s car pull up, with another car right behind her. It parked across the street. A man got out and crossed to meet my wife at her car. They were both wearing business attire.

Cheryl greeted you at the door, and introduced you to Dave. She said he was a co-worker and was there to pick up a file of documents. You were polite and chatted briefly, before gathering your things up and putting on your shoes. My wife got your coat from the closet as she hung Dave’s up.

You walked out the door and headed out to the driveway to your car and were just about to get into your car when I drove up, right behind you.

You came over to me and said hi… I immediately noticed your cute short skirt and those long, touchable legs, trying not to let my eyes linger too long. You remarked on my being home early and I told you that we had been working on something that was supposed to go late tonight, but something happened with our computers so we decided to call it a night. At that point, I had just been on the phone with my wife telling her it would be a late night for me, and when the computers went down I tried calling her back but only got her voice mail.

You told me that Cheryl just got back herself, with someone from work to pick up something. It was such a nice warm evening (you were dressed in a light sweater and skirt) so we just stood there in the driveway and chatted for a bit, you told me how university was going and stuff… I kept glancing down at your tight sweater accentuating your sexy, firm tits and your slim body. I tried not to be too obvious, but I know you caught my eyes lingering more than once.

Just then the outside lights went out. I guess my wife had thought that you were gone by now. Although it didn’t quite explain why she’d turn out the lights if her co-worker was just there to pick up something and then leave.

Curious, I said I was going to walk around to the back door, past the office where I should be able to see in through the window. I expected that you’d probably just say goodnight at that point, but you said that you’d go with me if I wanted. In the dark I looked at you for just a moment, before saying “sure, follow me…”

We walked around the side of the house in the dark, approaching the office window. We paused at it, and glanced in. The room was empty, and dark. As we stood there, peering into the room, you stood very close to me, I presumed because of the bush growing beside the window, but still I didn’t do much to move back or give you more space, and you seemed comfortable to squeeze in close.

Knowing that they weren’t in the office, and probably weren’t going over any documents, we walked further down the side of the house where we passed two lit windows of the family room. As the room came into view, we stopped.

From the relative security of the shadows, we looked in and saw my wife standing in the middle of the room, facing the gas fireplace turned slightly towards our window. Her eyes were closed, as her co-worker stood right behind her, his hands on my wife’s waist, his body tight against hers, kissing her neck.

I knew where this was going, and secretly I was very turned on. I was, however, not certain how you would react.

“Are you sure you want to stay and see this?” I quietly asked you.

“Are you?” you replied.

“I’m going to watch and see what happens…” I told you.

“Can I watch with you?” you asked.

“You’ll have to squeeze in close so we’re not seen” I instructed. You positioned yourself in front of me, much like my wife was standing with Dave.

“How’s this?”

“Fine” I said, putting my hands on your narrow waist to keep you close. Our bodies were lightly pressed against each other, but I knew you would be aware of my hard cock pressed against the small of your back. I was a little embarrassed that my cock became hard so fast; a husband that finds his wife in the arms of another man like this is supposed to be upset… but as you could tell, I was turned on.

Inside, Dave continued to kiss my wife’s neck as she leaned her head to the side, giving him easier access. His hands were gently grasping at her waist, starting to move upwards just slightly. I know I should have been outraged and burst in on them, but it looked so erotic to see my wife in the arms of another man.

“Do you think they’re going to have sex?” you whispered.

I paused, realizing that I was about to confess my secret fantasy to you: “I hope so”. Oh god, did I really just say that? Not only was I comfortable with the prospect of my wife’s infidelity, but I actually wanted to see it… In fact, I wanted another person to witness it as well… our young, university-aged babysitter…

You pressed back against me, almost as if to reward me for being so candid. I grasped your small waist more tightly.

We watched quietly as Dave’s hands began working upwards over Cheryl’s shirt, eventually finding her breasts. I watched as another man fondled my wife’s tits through her shirt and bra, before he located the top button. From behind, he had no trouble undoing the top button, followed slowly by the rest. They seemed to be in no hurry.

Cheryl lifted her arms, giving Dave unfettered access to her front. He eased her shirt out from her skirt and pulled it open, revealing my wife’s white lace bra. Cheryl kept her arms up, arched back over Dave’s head, and savored the sensation of his hands grasping her tits through her bra.

Dave’s fingers curled down over the top edge of Cheryl’s bra and paused… hooking his fingertips under he pulled both hands down slowly and deliberately, pulling the delicate fabric down from my wife’s breasts, exposing them, He let go of her bra, leaving it tucked under her tits, which I found even more erotic…. My wife’s tits weren’t just nude, they were exposed. His hands cupped her large soft tits, fondling her and pinching her nipples. And my good wife just stood there, her head tilted back, eyes closed, arms raised… allowing another man to grope and maul her tits…

I suddenly became aware that my right hand had found its way under your sweater, and was resting on your bare skin on your waist. I pulled you back towards me, pressing your body against mine. You moaned softly and said “Cheryl looks really pretty…”

As we watched my wife being exposed and fondled, I slid my other hand under your sweater as well, and began to push my hands around you, upwards over your stomach. You smiled, and allowed me to continue. I slid my hand higher, until they covered your young, firm tits. You had a thin bra made of a soft stretchy fabric and I could easily feel your hard nipples poking out… I squeezed them in my hands for a moment before hooking my fingers under the upper edge of your bra, just as Dave had done to my wife’s a few minutes ago. I paused, then pulled your bra down, uncovering your young breasts (at least, uncovering them within your sweater).

My cock throbbed against your back as I placed my hands directly over the soft, warm skin of your tits… you still had your sweater on, but it was light and stretchy enough that it easily accommodated my hands. Your nipples were very hard, and you sighed as you felt my fingers pinch them.

We kept watching my wife and her co-worker inside, standing in a similar position, except that Cheryl’s tits were fully exposed… Mmmm… how erotic, standing behind you feeling your tits as we watch another man doing exactly the same thing to my wife…

Keeping one of his hands firmly over one breast, Dave slid his other hand lower, rubbing over my wife’s skirt, then reaching lower and raising her skirt inch by inch. We watched as the bottom of her skirt rose higher on her leg, to the bottom edge of her panties, then higher, revealing her ivory lace panties that matched her bra. Seeing them I quietly wondered, Cheryl only wears a matching bra and panty set when she plans to have sex…. This encounter was not a spur of the moment decision…

Dave’s hand rubbed down over Cheryl’s crotch, I knew that his fingers could feel the heat from her… My wife opened her legs slightly and we watched him slide his fingers along one of her legs, by her hip, and under her panties from the side. His fingers pressed down over my wife’s slit, feeling her warm, wet lips part willingly at his touch. She was breathing heavily, allowing her lover to touch what he wanted.

He said something to her, which we couldn’t hear, but watched as my wife lowered her hands to her hips and pulled off her panties. My wife’s neatly trimmed pussy was now on full display to us, her shaved lips and small, neatly trimmed patch of hair above her slit visible. I admired that perfectly trimmed pussy, since I was the one that had trimmed it. My mind instantly flashed back to a few nights earlier, when she told me that she thought it was time for a trim again, and let me trim her pussy to a neat, short strip above her slit, and shave smooth the rest of her, including right along her lips. I wondered if this is what she had planned at the time, and wanted her husband to trim her pussy for her lover…

Dave’s hand returned to my wife’s naked pussy, holding it, rubbing his fingers along her smooth lips… spreading her apart with his fingers. He leaned down and kissed her ear, at which she turned her head to kiss him back… as their lips met, he reached up taking one of her hands in his, and lowering her hand down to her own pussy. My good, faithful wife began kissing him harder as her fingers began to massage her lips, darting into her hole then flicking up and circling around her clit. We watched, mesmerized as my wife was locked in a passionate kiss with her coworker, fingering her own cunt while he groped her exposed tits…

“Oh god Doug… she looks so good… so beautiful….” You gasped, watching all this unfold.

“Yes she does…” I whispered, unable to take my eyes off my beautiful wife.

“Look how turned on she is” you teased me, “you love this, don’t you…”

Again I confessed: “yes…”

“Show me” you challenged me.

I knew exactly what you wanted. Lost in the total eroticism of the moment, watching my wife kissing another man and masturbating for him, I took my hands away from your young tits and stepped back. I undid my pants and pushed them down, followed by my boxers. My hard cock jutted out from my body, aching for attention. You turned your back to the window and lowered yourself to your knees, your face in line with a married man’s cock. “Tell me what they’re doing” you said as you opened your mouth and engulfed my cockhead.

I moaned softly, feeling your young, soft lips closing around my cock, feeling your tongue flick and swirl along my shaft. You pulled back momentarily: “Tell me what your wife is doing…”

“She’s kissing him… my wife is kissing him… masturbating… He’s holding her tits, squeezing them… kissing her…” you sucked my cock deep into your pretty mouth, taking the full length right into your throat.

“Now he’s pushing her down to her knees… Cheryl is kneeling, still facing away from him… he’s undoing his pants… standing behind her as he takes them off, now his underwear…”

You again pulled back from my cock. “Is his cock hard?”

“Yes… his cock is hard… it’s hard for my wife… he’s touching it, stroking it slowly, right behind her head… Cheryl is taking off her shirt… dropping it on the floor. Now she’s reaching back, undoing her bra… she’s topless, Maddy. My wife is topless, on her knees. Now he’s moving around to the other side of her, in front of her. She’s staring at his cock… He’s just rubbing it on her face, dragging his cockhead slowly over her cheeks, nose and mouth…”

Oh god, my wife was just kneeling there, her tits fully exposed, patiently waiting for some sort of command as he obscenely rubbed his cockhead across her pretty face. My wife’s pretty face.

Finally he reached down, cupping the back of my wife’s head and brought her close to him. He bent her head back so her face tilted upwards. Cheryl’s mouth opened up, waiting for her reward. He pressed his cockhead down to her bottom lip causing her to extend her tongue to gently lap at the sensitive underside of his cockhead.

“He’s putting it in to her mouth… his cock… she’s licking it… taking it into her mouth… he’s holding her head, guiding her mouth onto him… deeper… all the way in… I didn’t know she could take that much in like that….” I marveled. He gently but forcefully eased his cock deeper and deeper into Cheryl’s mouth, pausing at the point where he edged into her throat… then moving her head slightly he pushed her further, planting his cock directly into my sweet wife’s throat. He held her head there for a few seconds, almost as if to show off the deep-throat talents of his married lover.

“She has swallowed all of his cock… the full length is in her throat… holding it there… oh fuck she looks so good, Maddy…” I narrated my wife’s actions with her lover.

Dave began to use my wife’s willing mouth a little more forcefully, I could see Cheryl looking upwards at him, unable to say anything due to the massive cock driving deep into her mouth. As I felt the gentle but thorough sensations of your mouth working over my cock, I watched as Dave reached down to hold my wife’s head, slowly thrusting his hips, slowly fucking her mouth.

“He has her head… holding her in his hands… fucking her mouth…. Oh Maddy… he’s fucking my wife’s mouth… she’s just letting him…” It was one thing just to see my sweet, faithful wife allowing another man to force feed her his cock, it was so outrageously erotic to have to report the details of it to you.

“Your cock is throbbing, Doug” you taunted, “you must really like what you see your wife doing…”

“Yes….” I admitted, “I like seeing my wife sucking his cock...” I knew my cock was throbbing in your mouth, feeling your hand cupping my balls, gently squeezing them. “And she’s not just sucking his cock, Maddy… he’s fucking her mouth…”

With that you pulled back off me and turned your head to see in the window too. I pulled you up so you were standing, again with your back to me as you were before. This time my hands travelled up your legs and under your skirt. My fingers quickly zeroed in on your young, wet cunt, pushing underneath the edge of your panties and sliding along your wet, soft slit. You moaned quietly in agreement, inching your legs wider apart to give me easier access.

My fingers caressed your young, soft cunt, pressing over your soft, sparse pussy and spreading your wet lips, readying you for what we both knew would follow. I slid one finger deep into your willing cunt, then pulled my hand away, to take off your panties. You stood up, allowing me to inch them down, then kicked them off your ankles. Slowly you bent forward again, arching your hips as you invited me into you. I lifted your skirt up over your ass and lightly caressed your pussy from behind… your lips were open, ready for me.

I pressed my cockhead down, and stepped into you. My cock nestled in between your legs, pressing up against your downy soft pussy. I slowly drew my hips back, letting my cockhead pull back along your pussy, over your clit, until it found its way in between your willing lips…I pulled back slightly and my cockhead slipped upwards, pressed expectantly against your open hole. You gasped, the expectation of feeling my cock sliding into you too much.

“Oh please… put it in me…” you begged, “please Doug….” You glanced up into the room, looking at my wife being face-fucked by her co-worker.

I held your hips in my hands, pausing with my cockhead nestled into your hole… I looked into my house, watching my sweet, faithful wife submissively give her mouth to another man’s cock, and pulled you back against me, impaling your hot, wet and very tight cunt on my cock. You gave a muffled scream with the sudden intensity of being opened up, but allowed me to slowly pump it in and out of you as we both watched my wife and her lover.

Dave slowed down, and finally pulled his long, wet cock from Cheryl’s mouth. She was breathing hard, her face flushed, her tits heaving. He pulled her up to her feet, and turned her around, putting her hands on the mantle of the fireplace. He had her keep her feet together, which allowed him to unto and pull down her skirt. She stepped out of it, placing her feet apart. He guided her upper body a little lower, making her bend at her waist. I knew that my wife’s smooth pussy lips were visible to him from behind, and I could see him leering at her, no doubt checking out the hot, married cunt he was about to fuck.

Cheryl stood there, naked, bent forward, her tits hanging down, hands grasping on to the mantle, waiting. The waiting is what was so excruciatingly erotic. She was his. Waiting to be taken. Waiting to be claimed. She was his prize and he knew it, there was no need to rush. His cock twitched in anticipation, as he surveyed his conquest: another man’s wife was about to become his. And all my good, willful wife could do was wait for it. Legs spread, cunt open. Waiting.

Finally he stepped up behind her. I was almost relieved for my wife, as she must have been going crazy in anticipation. Now the fucking she craved so much was imminent. He rubbed his fat cock along her lips, over her pussy, getting it wet with her juices. He still seemed to be in no hurry. I could see her back rising and falling with her breathing… Cheryl clearly needed to be fucked.

Oh god, seeing my wife this horny, this wanton… so desperate to feel a cock inside her…

Cheryl kept her hands on the mantle as Dave reached down, grasping his cock to position his cockhead at my wife’s hole. She squirmed, trying to line up her cunt with him, trying to encourage him to drive it into her. With one hand still holding his shaft, he reached up to take a handful of her hair, pulling her head back. My sweet, loving wife was totally in his control. Suddenly, forcefully, he thrust his long, thick cock deep into my wife’s cunt, taking his hand away and giving her his full length. She screamed out with desire as she was opened up by him.

I realized that as we had been watching my wife being prepared to be fucked, I had stopped all movement with you, until that moment when Dave drove his cock deeply into Cheryl, when I did almost the same thing to you. You had been similarly riveted to the action inside, and were suddenly jolted back to our reality when you felt my cock penetrate you again.

As I fucked our young babysitter, we watched Cheryl being absolutely ravaged from behind. Her face was contorted with pleasure and pain, her tits bouncing violently as he furiously fucked my pretty wife. I wondered what you were thinking… our pretty, innocent babysitter, spying on a married woman as she gave herself totally to her co-worker, as she herself was being fucked by the woman’s husband…

Dave reached down under Cheryl’s body to grab her tits, grasping them hard enough to pull her body up slightly, but never relenting on the pace of his fucking… I could see his hands squeezing her tits tightly, using my wife as his fucktoy… and she was helpless to stop him.

Suddenly he let go of her and pulled back, his angry, dark, shiny cock slipping from my wife’s cunt. He ordered my wife down to her knees, facing him, and she complied.

We all knew what was coming: Dave was about to shoot his load, and he was going to either cum in my wife’s mouth, or maybe spray it on her face. Cheryl has never let me cum on her face, and I couldn’t imagine her doing it now. Surely he was just going to shove his cock back into her mouth…

She knelt, her tits red from being handled so roughly, and obediently turned her face upwards to him, opening her mouth. His cock looked huge, and throbbed over my wife’s face. He pumped it in his hand, pausing for only a moment to press it into her mouth, but then kept pumping it over her face. Oh god, he was actually going to cum on her face… My wife was going to let a guy spray his cum on her face… I recalled so many times where my wife has told me “don’t cum on my face…. Not on my face…” and now she was holding her face up for him… his cum target.

Now I was fucking you hard, Maddy… watching my wife submit to another man like this…

You sensed how this was driving me wild. “Do you like seeing her ready for a facial?” you purred.

“Oh yes… my wife… my beautiful wife….” I gasped.

“Does she let you cum on her face, Doug?” you tortured me.

“No… never…”

“You want to cum on her face, don’t you…”

“Yes…. I want to cum on her face so badly….” I confessed.

“And now you’re going to watch her take it from another man…”

It was true. My good, faithful wife was now kneeling before another man, ready to receive his cum on her face. And their position in front of the window could not have been any better… she was almost directly facing us, her knees spread apart, her hand on her pussy, her tits exposed… Dave stood over her, with one foot on either side of one of her legs, his cock pressed down over her mouth… His cock was still shiny from her pussy and mouth… we watched as he jerked it in his hand, about to claim my wife’s face.

And suddenly it happened… his cock spasmed, and he gripped it tightly in his hand and just held it, just above her mouth, pointed up her face. His first spurt was little more than a big drip, the fell from his cockhead down onto her lip, but then his next spurt gushed up over the full length of my wife’s face, making her flinch but she remained with her face upturned, ready for more.

Oh fuck, to see my wife like this… receiving a facial… from another man…

Dave kept a tight grip on his cock as another spurt of cum coated her face, then a third, before he began to stroke it again, scattering more drips all over her face, some larger drips held right over her mouth, which she eagerly lapped up. Her fingers pressed in against her cunt, two fingers buried inside as she gave her face to him…

When he had stopped actively dripping cum onto my wife’s face and mouth, he pressed his cockhead down against her lips, which opened fully to allow him to insert it. Her eyes closed, her face splattered with his cum, my sweet, faithful wife cleaned off his cock with her mouth, licking off the cum that had smeared over the tip…

Once again, I had stopped moving, standing there watching my wife’s descent motionless, my cock buried deep within your cunt. Subconsciously I started to gently thrust in and out of you again, as we watched my wife tenderly, almost lovingly tending to the cock that had just claimed her virgin face.

You knew exactly how to push my buttons: “Your turn, Doug… you just watched your wife take another man’s cum, now its your turn to give it to me… fuck me, Doug… fuck your babysitter…”

It was my turn to grab your tits as they hung down, bouncing with each thrust. My body slapped against your ass, as you moaned and encouraged me. I reached down under your hip, sliding my fingers along your slit, feeling where your lips parted around my shaft… up to your hard, sensitive clit… I rubbed your clit under two fingers, making you grunt an urgent “don’t stop… please don’t stop…”

Your body tightened as your orgasm took control of you… forcing me to hold you up by your hips, keeping my cock deep inside you… fucking your helpless body as you came… I could feel your cunt tighten around my cock, enjoying the extreme pleasure that racked your small body.

I fucked you hard, fast… prolonging your orgasm, knowing that mine was nearing too… looking in at my wife, kneeling before another man, her face coated with his cum, sucking and licking the last drops of cum from his cock… my beautiful, willful, sexy, conquered wife…

And suddenly I came too, pulling you hard against me, my cock exploding deep within your cunt, filling you with cum. You pressed back into me, trying to take my spasming cock deeper into your body. We remained in that position for several minutes, as we watched my wife and Dave.

Cheryl remained on her knees naked, as Dave put on his clothes. Incredibly, she stayed right there, his cum still on her face, as he dressed and got ready to leave. He left the room, leaving her alone and naked. In a moment we heard the front door of the house slam. I started to pull back from you, expecting my wife to get up.

To our surprise, however, my wife started touching her cunt again, fingering herself… tossing her head back as she remained in exactly the position she had been in when he came on her face, fingering her clit. This was for her… my conservative wife was obviously turned on from being used by Dave like she was, feeling his cum on her face… we watched, spellbound as my wife worked herself to another orgasm.

Her body flushed and heaving, she finally got up, quietly gathered up her clothes and left the room. The light went out, and a second later the outdoor lights went on, and we saw nothing further.

“I expect she’s probably having a shower” you said, as we straightened up and gathered our stuff. I walked you around to the front of the house and kissed you.

“Maybe I’ll go join her” I said.

“Mmmm, give your wife a kiss from me…” you purred, kissing me again, harder.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My wife, our vacation, and her black lover

I’ve always fantasized about Cheryl with black men and how pretty she’d look in the grip of a black man’s hands… in this fantasy we're at one of those "au natural” type resorts... where there's a lot of nudity and a lot of black men, there to "service" the nice white women who are visiting and away from the normal restrictions of their homelife... I love comments and discussions, so please feel free to email me at hubbydoug@gmail.com

So there we are, enjoying the first few days of our all-inclusive resort, and at various places near a certain part of the beach we’ve noticed almost a parade of black men walking around the sunbathers, talking to some of the women (always white women). We’ve been mostly at other parts of the resort, and on occasion my otherwise conservative wife has taken off her bikini top, exposing her tits to anyone walking by. There were always other women around who were topless too, but I know for my wife this was a big thing. She either lay back with her eyes closed, or read a book, but didn’t watch what was going on around her. Me, on the other hand, I was far too interested in seeing how other men would react… I wanted them to check her out… most were too respectful to be too obvious, but from behind my dark glasses I saw several guys taking a good look at her, without being obvious (much the way I would look at other women we passed as we were walking about!).

But we were curious as to the “parade” of black men, given that they didn’t seem to do anything like this anywhere else at the resort. One screaming hot afternoon as we were sitting at one of the many swim-up bars we were chatting with another couple and they filled us in on what was going on. It seems that some of the resort guests enjoy a certain type of “service” that only a well-hung black man can provide. The men offering those services know that the women on that part of the beach may be interested.

Well, later that day when we where headed back to the beach, I jokingly suggested we go to the parade beach, to which Cheryl laughed. This time as we set up in our loungers, however, my sweet wife wasted no time in undoing her bikini top. We actually continued chatting, sitting up facing each other as she was topless. As we settled back in the sun, I commented “you look great, babe… you’d be getting a lot of looks right now if we were at that other beach…”

“Would you like that?” came my wife’s reply.

“Yes… I’d love to see you on display over there” I quietly told her, nervous at what her reaction would be.

“Maybe you’ll get that chance…” she teased. I still wasn’t sure if she was joking or not.

That night I decided to push the topic as we were starting to fool around. As she lay back on the bed nude, I told her to imagine being on that beach… the beach with the black men walking by… She sighed softly, in a way that told me to keep going with my image…

I was very excited at this point… we had occasionally fantasized about her with another man, or even her being watched by a group of men, but we’d never before identified one of these men as being black. What was particularly erotic, however, was the fact that we were actually in a place where this could happen…
“Just imagine lying back there, those men walking by… those black men… looking down at you as they pass… Your bikini is off…. Your tits are exposed to them… They’re looking at you, staring at you…”

At this point my wife’s hands reached down to her pussy and two fingers began to circle over her clit.

“Good girl, Cheryl… one man stops for you, and stands right in front of you, looking at you… You look so good babe… so ready… He’s looking down at you… his cock is hard, babe…”

As I slowly progress through the images my wife is rubbing her clit faster and faster. She’s completely wet, moaning audibly as her eyes are clenched shut, the image of a naked black man in her mind, his cock hard for her…

And suddenly my conservative wife came, shaking with her orgasm as her hand clamped down tightly over her cunt. As I fucked my wife that night, I whispered to her that I’d love to see her on that beach, exposed to those men… I want her to choose one of them… talk to him... remaining topless the whole time… How I’d love to see her ask him to expose himself, and how I’d love to see her hold his cock in her hands… To make him hard…

I was beside myself with excitement, hardly even aware in the moment before I exploded in her that I told her “I want to see him fuck you….”

Afterwards as we were recovering, still lying there Cheryl whispered “would you really like that?”

I knew exactly what she was referring to. “Yes… I would.” She was quiet. I elaborated: “I love you and I wouldn’t want this to be a regular thing, but I know the idea turns you on, and I think it would be so fantastically erotic to see you holding a black man’s cock… see his hands on you… see that cock slide into you….”

“Would you be with me?”

“I’d be right here with you, watching.”

“As long as you’re there, I’d like that too….”

And just like that, we had somehow agreed to find my wife a black lover.

The next morning we head down to the beach to "select" her man... She’s nervous… I’m nervous, especially as we turn down the path that takes us to that beach. We’re holding hands. Cheryl looks at me, “are you sure about this?”

“Yes. Are you?”

“Yes… but if either of us decide not to, then we just say so, OK?” she said, and I knew she was giving me permission to stop it at any time.

“Absolutely” I reassured her.

The men there know they're the subject of fantasies for couples like us, and they don't mind that the white wives husbands are with them... nor does it stop them from flirting and openly checking them out. We head down to the more secluded part of the beach and find a place to put our towels down. There are no loungers here, so we spread a couple of towels out and my wife removes her bikini top, letting her full, soft tits hang free. As a few men pass by, stealing glances at first, but then staring more blatantly, Cheryl gets a little more comfortable and shifts a little, or reaches for something as she feels their eyes on her, letting her black admirers get a good look at her tits.... Mmmm, as I watch my gorgeous wife display herself like this, I have these visions of her dancing in my mind....

My wife looks amazing, now deliberately showing off her tits to every black man who passes by. She's laying back resting against her elbows, which has the effect of making her tits even more prominent. Her nipples are hard despite the warmth of the sun. There's no doubt to any of the black men passing by, my sexy, shy wife is ready for black cock.

A man stops. He's wearing fairly loose shorts only, but they don't conceal the fact that his soft cock hangs down about 7 inches. He says hello to my wife and me, and innocently comments on the nice day, the resort we're staying at, etc. His eyes stare down Cheryl's body, knowing that both husband and wife are offering her for his visual feast.

He stares at her tits, then lower to her bikini bottoms. His cock gives a little twitch in his shorts, which my wife notices.

"How about you take off your shorts, and I'll let you see all of me" Cheryl suggests. She's gone past the point of no return now... he's clearly aware that this good little white wife is looking for some black cock. Looking up at her eyes, which are fixated on his shorts, he begins to undo them, slowly pushing them down to reveal his cock, a thick, soft snake of a cock. "ohhhhh...." my pretty wife softly breathes.

"Now you, missus" he tells her. Obediently my good wife reaches down and starts to lower her bikini. Keeping her eyes on his cock the whole time, she wriggles them off, and tosses them over to me. Her hand caresses the soft bare skin of her lips and on either edge of her closely cropped, narrowly trimmed pussy, much like the way she began to touch herself the night before.

"Do you like it?" she asks him, "my husband trims it..."

He gently presses a hand against the inside of her knee, pushing one of her legs outward, staring down at her pussy, inspecting her. "Very nice" he says, then tells me "you do good work... your wife looks very good...."

Oh god, this is so fantastically erotic, sitting beside my wife as she lies naked before a black man, her leg held out to expose her pussy to him... His cock is appreciably bigger now, growing as he looks at the pretty wife open in front of him.

"Have you ever held a black cock before, Missus?" he asks her. She shakes her head. He kneels down beside her and takes her hand, placing it on his cock.

His cock isn't even hard yet, and her hand won't close around it. His black hand settles down onto my wife's pussy, sliding easily along her lips because of her wetness already. Cheryl is awkwardly trying to stroke him, making him harder and harder.

We realize that we hadn’t planned for the next step… what do we do now? My wife is ready for him, but we can’t stay here.

He tells us that he'll follow us to our room. When we get there he tells me that I'm allowed to watch but not participate. He also says that by the time he gets to our door, he wants Cheryl to be on her knees for him already, that way he will know that she really wants this.

We scramble to get our things together. Cheryl starts to put on her wrap, but he stops her and tells her she must walk to the room nude. She puts everything into the bag we brought, which I carry. She takes my hand as we walk back the short walk to our room, which has it's own outside door. "Are you sure about this?" she softly asks me.

I am fully aware that I'm escorting my naked wife back to our room for her to be used and fucked by a black man. "I love you" I tell her.

He walks a little way behind us. He is wearing his shorts. We get to the room and Cheryl gives me a kiss, leaving the door open only a crack. Then, as I look on, she turns to face the door, slowly dropping down on her knees on the thick carpet, awaiting her new lover's arrival. Oh wow, I think, she’s really doing this…

It seems to take longer than it should, and this is driving us both wild. I look over at my obedient, gorgeous wife, naked and kneeling, facing the door... waiting for her man to arrive... I right there, her husband, but she isn't waiting for me... she's waiting for the man she only just met on the beach... the black man with the long, thick cock...

Soon the door swings open and he walks in. He strides right over to her, saying "good. I thought you'd be ready for this... you're going to enjoy this, missus... now first, tell me what you want.

She reaches up to his shorts again and says "I want your cock.."

"Do you want to suck it, missus?"

"Yes... I want to suck it..."

"Do you want me to fuck you with my big cock?"

She pauses... "Yes... I want you to fuck me with your big cock..."

She pulls down his shorts and his two-thirds hard cock springs out. Her hands grasp it again... they look so white against his dark shaft.

As it still hangs down, she lifts his heavy cockhead to her face, kissing it softly. Tentatively her tongue caresses just beneath the tip, as he brushes her hair away from her face, ensuring that I have a good view of my wife.

"Open up..." he encourages, and Cheryl opens her mouth to allow him to press his cock into her mouth. She opens as wide as she can, but can't take much of him. Her hands continue to pump him as she sucks and slurps at the meaty head.

He looks at me. "Do you like what you see? Your wife working on my cock... she feels so good... such a good wife.... Do you have a camera? I bet your wife would like some pictures of her with my cock..."

Since Cheryl had never before let me take an explicit picture of her, it didn't even occur to me to take some now, but since he suggested it, and she didn't object, I grabbed our digital camera and quickly took some shots. When Cheryl made eye contact with the camera, his meaty cock in her mouth, I nearly came right there. My gorgeous, shy wife, now naked on her knees in front of a massive, black cock... worshipping it while I watched. She moaned as she vigorously stroked and sucked his thick, long shaft, looking up at him and pausing with the end of his cock in her mouth, knowing that the view from his perspective would be amazing... and she wanted him to enjoy the sight of the pretty white wife feasting on his cock.

He reached down to grasp one of my wife's tits, roughly pawing it and pinching her nipple. She moaned again, happily, without stopping her oral efforts on his cock. Her head bobbed back and forth, trying to take as much of his cock as she could, which wasn't all that much. Her hands both grasped his shaft as she pumped it.

He took a handful of her hair, and bent her head back as he withdrew his long, hard cock from my wife's mouth... he lay it on top of her face, his balls hanging just under her chin, so the full length of his cock ran up her entire face, as if he was measuring it against her. I definitely took a picture of that...

"oh yeah, missus... you ain't never had such a big cock before, have you..."

Cheryl just shook her head. He pulled his cock down her face, until his cockhead again rested at her lips. She opened her mouth and he pressed the tip and a couple inches into her mouth again, telling her to get it real wet. When he was happy with her effort, he pulled back and had her sit up higher, preparing to fuck her tits. She knew what was expected of her, and put her hands at the sides of her soft, c-cup tits, pressing them together slightly. He laid his cock in between them, and she pressed her tits around it snugly, her fingers extended across his shaft so it wouldn't pop out... He began thrusting his hips back and forth, pistoning his meaty black cock along her white cleavage. Each upward thrust would push his cockhead along her chest, right up her neck under her chin, leaving a wet, shiny path. Of course, I took some more pictures.

He stopped, and told Cheryl to sit up on the edge of the bed. He stood in front of her, pushing her knees apart. She stared down at his massive, throbbing cock, knowing what was coming next. He told her to lie back. My pretty wife looked over at me, smiled, and then lay back on the bed, her legs still over the edge. The bed was high enough that as he stood there normally, his cock was just above her.

He took her legs and brought her knees up towards her face, then spread them, telling her to hold onto her knees. She did, which opened her neatly trimmed pussy to him nicely. My beautiful, faithful wife was extrordinarily wet. Her lips flared open, offering herself to this monster cock.

I watched, enthralled and amazed as he lowered his cockhead down to my wife's cunt... sliding it on one side of her slit, then the other... Cheryl flinched slightly with the first contact of his cockhead with her skin, but then reassuringly pulled her knees apart even more, giving herself to him.

"oh fuck, missus, you are so wet for this, aren't you... ready for this big cock..." He held his cockhead right at her hole... her lips pushed apart. Her eyes were shut and her breathing ragged with anticipation. He motioned for me to give him my camera, which I handed to him. From his angle above her, he pointed the camera at his cock pointing right into her cunt and took a picture. Then he told her to open her eyes and smile for him. She looked up at him, and to my amazement smiled such a sweet, inviting smile as he took another picture.

My wife's sweet smile suddenly turned to a gasp, as she felt the head of his cock press into her. He aimed the camera back down at her pussy, and took several more shots as his cock inched deeper and deeper into my loving wife.

She was on fire and as soon as his cock was firmly inside her, Cheryl started to orgasm... She moaned and cried out as he pulled it back and drove it in to her again, with slightly more force this time, making her tits bounce. Cheryl's hands were digging into her knees as she held onto them, the pleasure she was receiving was excruciating. He began to pump his cock in and out of my tender wife, slowly at first but gradually building up speed, until my wife was rendered a shaking, orgasming mess as he fucked her with his massive cock. He pounded her mercilessly, her tits bouncing obscenely. The intensity of the pleasure was far too much for my poor wife.

"Isn't this what you wanted, missus... isn't this what you thought it would be like...." he taunted her, never easing up his pace on the pretty, white wife now so totally within his control. Cheryl was a mess… completely out of control with pleasure, tears running from her eyes, calling out and moaning…

After forcing her to endure the exquisite torture of his cock, he finally pulled out of her, grasping his wet shaft with his hand, standing over my wife who remained in the same position, holding her knees spread wide, her whole body open for him... He groaned, and suddenly blew a shot of cum right up her body, landing across one of her tits. He stroked out several long shots, sending ropes of cum across her stomach and to the bottom of her tits, with several more splatters down her stomach and around the top of her pussy. He then asked for the camera again, and took a few more pictures of my cum-splattered wife, with his cock dangling over her as kind of a trophy shot.

Cheryl remained where she was, as he put on his shorts and quickly left. There were no pleasantries exchanged... he had come for one thing, and he did it well. As soon as the door was closed, I walked to the edge of the bed, standing over my wife in the position that her black lover had just been in. My cock, so much smaller than his, throbbed with need.

Chery's eyes remained shut, and I looked up and down her sexy body, his cum starting to drip off her or collect in little puddles. Her legs and pussy remained spread, showing me the body that had just been fucked by that big, black cock.

"Oh babe... that was so amazing.... will you let me add mine to you?" I asked her. She finally opened her eyes and looked up at me standing before her.

"mmmm.... please do...." she said.

Standing there, looking down at my wife, in awe of her, I began stroking my cock, showing her how much she turned me on... She stared at me the whole time, watching me as I looked down her body, seeing the splatters of cum covering her from her pussy to her tits... It didn't take long before my balls tightened and I too exploded on her... the second man to cum on her in the last ten minutes...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Me, my wife and Julee at the beach

We were all down in Cancun for a week of sun and fun. You and your husband had met us there. Right from the start we all clicked really well. My wife and you got along really well, although you both had very different personalities. Cheryl, my wife, is 5'6", blonde with blue eyes, curvy with a small waist and soft, full 36c tits. She's very pretty, with a gorgeous smile. She's a little more reserved than you, but she was on vacation, at a place where she didn't know anyone else, so she was a little more "wild" than otherwise.

The four of us met down at one of the beaches, you were set up next to us when we found a spot to spread out our towels. I confess that I chose the spot simply because I saw you there, but the location seemed innocent enough at the time. The beach was fairly secluded, but by no means devoid of anyone else. In fact, the resort had a cabanna down the beach a little ways where you could borrow a sailboat or catamaran.

You smiled as we set up, and I noticed your husband glance over at Cheryl's legs and ass as she bent down to straighten out her towel. She was wearing a bikini, a black one that was a "full" bikini, if there is such a thing. By comparison, your bikini was much more revealing, as I noticed the front of it covering a rather narrow strip over your pussy, and the top limited to two spandex triangles over each breast. The light blue looked great against your slightly tanned skin, and I wondered if the fabric, which was obviously thin, would have an element of transparency if it got wet.

After getting organized, I headed off to the water, while Cheryl laid back in the warm sun. I wasn’t' gone all that long, but by the time I got back I found the two of you chatting and laughing, and your husband asleep beside you. I sat down, joining the conversation. As we talked and laughed, I kept stealing glances at your body, taking every chance I could to admire your slim, tight body and that bikini that didn't hide anything hardly. A couple times you caught me looking down at you, but said nothing. I don't know if Cheryl didn't notice or didn't mind that her husband sitting right beside her was checking out the pretty brunette next to us, but in any event she didn't say anything.

You suggested that we jump into the water, and Cheryl immediately agreed, getting to her feet. You got up too, bending as you did giving me an amazing flash of your narrow, thong bikini. Cheryl definitely noticed this too, but still said nothing.

I decided I'd stay back and let just the two of you go for a swim. Truth be told, that look at your ass and your bikini-covered pussy from behind had started my cock, and I was worried that you'd see the "growing" evidence of my surreptitious staring.

Even staying back, the view was spectacular as I watched the you and my wife walk down to the water, only about 15 feet away. My cock only continued to get harder as I watched the sexy brunette and her sexy blonde friend headed into the water. I kept watching over the next few minutes as you both swam, talking and laughing still. Soon you were walking back towards me, and I didn't miss the chance to check out your bikini to see if it went see-thru.

As you got nearer, I couldn't resist looking down your body at the wet fabric. You could easily see that I wasn't exactly making eye-contact with you, but you just smiled and kept walking, chatting with Cheryl. As you got to your towel, I was pretty sure that your bikini did become somewhat see-thru, but I thought that I should have been able to see your pussy through the fabric, but I couldn't. Unless……. Were you shaved totally bare?

Cheryl leaned down, her full tits hanging down right in front of me, and kissed me. She whispered in my ear that you had suggested removing your tops, and would I mind. I couldn't believe that she was considering such a thing, but I told her that I'd love to see her take off her top. She sat down between you and me, and looked over at you, "I don't think Doug will mind…" Then turning to me, she asked me if I'd "help" her with her bikini.

Mmmmm…. What a moment, I thought to myself, sitting on this beach, several people around, reaching up to my wife's bikini to undo it right there in front of everyone. My fingers briefly fought with the clasp, but it sprang open. Cheryl hesitated, and then let her bikini slide down her arms, exposing the soft, white skin of her breasts to the sunshine, us and all those around us. You winked at me, and reached back to undo your own bikini.

Looking past my now topless wife, I could see your nipples prominent beneath the thin light blue fabric of your bikini top…. You reached behind your neck to untie the string, and pulled the fabric down , exposing your smaller, prominent tits, your darker pink nipples hard and inviting. I continued to stare as you reached to undo the bottom strap, pulling the bikini top off completely. Suddenly, there I was, sitting on this hot beach with two even hotter women right beside me, both topless. I couldn't help it, my cock was so hard, straining at my shorts.

My wife grabbed a bottle of sunscreen, and asked me to help her with her back. I moved behind her and started to rub the lotion onto her back, reaching around as I dared to brush the sides of her tits. When she didn't object I loaded up my hands with lotion again, and this time more boldly reached right around her, cupping her tits fully, working the lotion into her very white skin, telling her (lamely) "we don't want you to burn now, do we…"

You watched all of this, and when I was finally done gave us a coy smile and said that you could use some help with your back, too. I immediately grabbed the lotion and moved behind you, as my wife watched.

The sun had already warmed your back nicely, and your skin felt silky smooth under my hands. I couldn't believe I was massaging lotion into your back with my wife sitting right there, but I wasn't going to stop…. Completely unsure of how far either you or her would let me go, I tried my best to restrict my hands to your back, but once in a while my fingers crept around your sides, brushing lightly against the sides of your breasts. Your nipples were hard, almost inviting my fingers to reach around further, but I really wasn't sure how far my wife would let me go with you. Finally, after the lotion was more than worked into your skin did I retreat to my towel, my cock uncomfortably hard in my shorts. Both you and Cheryl noticed as I unsuccessfully tried to shift the fabric, my hard cock tenting outwards.

I just watched as you applied the lotion to your stomach and chest, your pink fingernails dancing over your breasts, squeezing them and rubbing over your nipples more than was strictly necessary, knowing that you were driving me crazy.

After a little longer in the sun, one of the catamarans returned to the beach, and you and Cheryl decided to go take it out. You briefly debated whether to go "as you were" and after a little convincing, Cheryl agreed. I couldn't believe that my very conservative wife was about to walk down the beach and borrow a sailboat from some guy with her tits totally exposed the whole time. I didn't think she'd do it, but to my surprise, she followed you up, and walked towards the cabanna.

I could see what you were doing, but I couldn't hear anything. I saw some shaking of heads, and some very devilish smiles from you. Then, both of you appeared to reach down to your bikinis and although your backs were towards me, it sure looked like you flashed him your pussies! I was still trying to figure out what happened, when you trotted off towards the catamaran, climbed on and started out.

Both of you looked amazing, sitting there on the catamaran, totally topless. You were smiling at people on the beach who you noticed looking at you, which included every guy there. As you approached me, you called out to me to swim out to you. You also suggested that I'd me more than a little interested in what just happened…..

Not waiting for another invitation, I waded out and swam a short distance to you. Hanging onto the edge of the sailboat you told me that there was actually a signout sheet, and the boats had all been reserved since early that morning, but you and Cheryl had convinced the young man to make an exception for you. I knew exactly where this was heading.

You also told me that I'd be allowed onto the catamaran with you, but only on the condition that I removed my shorts. I looked at my wife, who nodded. She said it was necessary in order to see my reaction when you told me how it was that you were given the sailboat.

Hanging onto the edge, looking up at two fantastic sets of tits… who was I to argue? I struggled to pull off my shorts, and flipped them onto the boat with you. I then started to crawl up onto the webbing stretched between the pontoons. The warm water had done nothing to prevent my cock from being rock-hard already, and I noticed both you and my wife staring down at my cock as I got onboard.

I knelt facing you both, my cock very much on display for you. I couldn't believe that my blonde wife and our new brunette friend were sitting there, tits on display, staring at my erect cock. "so how did you get the boat…?" I asked.

"Well," you started, "there's some silly rule that the boats have to be signed out, and the list gets full quickly, so the nice boy wasn't going to let us have this one. But he kept talking to us, and staring at our tits, so we decided he might be persuaded somehow. That's when Cheryl offered to show him her pussy if he'd give us this boat…" My wife blushed and started to object, as you continuted, "OK, it was actually me who suggested that if Cheryl showed him her pussy would he give us this boat. He said that both of us would have to flash him, and he would."

Cheryl kept the story going, "He was cute, and I loved the way he kept staring at my tits, before I knew it my hand was reaching for my bikini, watching his eyes staring at me…. " As she spoke, her hand was reaching towards the edge of her bikini, starting to reach under it along the inner curve of her hip. "I just couldn't help myself, Doug…. I pulled my bikini aside like this to show him my pussy…."

There, right in front of both of us, my shy, reserved wife pulled her bikini aside, exposing her trimmed golden brown pussy and shaved cuntlips. She kept the fabric pulled aside, letting me stare, reliving the moment of when she let the young sailboat jockey peek at her cunt.

"mmmm….. and what about you, Julee…. Did you also show the boy your pussy?"

Your hand darted down to your thong, and traced over your slit before sliding under the edge just like my wife had done. "Oh yes…. I reached down like this, and pulled it off….." Your hand pulled back your thong, showing me your wet, pink slit, shaved totally smooth. I stared at you, my cock twitching in appreciation, with my wife sitting right there watching me. Your voice softened as you felt my eyes, "I think the kid wanted to cum for us, Doug….. just like you want to cum for us right now….. don't you…."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing… my cock was pulsing with need as I stared at the two exposed pussies right in front of me. Cheryl said "come on, Doug….. show Julee how good you look stroking your cock…. Pump it for us… think about that guy staring at me… staring at my tits… my pussy…."

I reached down to my shaft, and closed my hand around it. My cock twitched violently with the first contact, and felt so hard and hot in my hand. My other hand reached down under my balls, gently pressing as I began to slowly pump my cock for you and my wife.

I loved seeing you both staring at my hands working my cock and balls. I moaned, watching you watch me. Almost in unison, both you and my wife reached down with your free hand to your wet pussies, gently touching, rubbing.

"mmmm, that's it, Julee…. Touch that pretty little cunt for me….. show me how wet you are…" I said, as you spread your lips between two fingers, displaying yourself for me. "good girl, Julee….. rub it, baby, rub your cunt……"

Cheryl was really starting to rub herself too, her legs spread, her bikini pulled off her pussy, one finger disappearing into her hole…. "Oh fuck, Doug…. Watch her…. Watch Julee masturbating for you……"

My hand was pumping my cock quickly, running up and down the full length of it, as my other hand squeezed and rubbed my ball, one finger working down towards my ass. I loved that my wife was watching me jerking off for another girl, watching me and getting off herself.

You were sliding first one finger into your cunt, then two…. Withdrawing them all shiny with your wetness, rubbing your slippery juices over your clit…. Anyone on the beach could see what we were doing, Julee, including your husband.

We knelt in front of each other, masturbating while my wife looked on, doing the same thing. She told you "come on Julee… cum for him, show it to Doug….. Lie down and let him kneel beside you….."

You lay down on the webbed decking, allowing me to kneel beside you, my cock over top of your tits…. You looked very vulnerable beneath me like that, spreading your legs as your fingers massaged your clit and fucked your cunt…. I kept beating my cock, getting closer and closer to cumming, wondering silently what my wife would think when I exploded all over another girl's tits….
"Oh yes," you moaned, "jerk that cock for me…. Cum on me, baby, cum on me…." You screamed as your orgasm began to take hold of you, lying there, rubbing your soaking wet clit and fucking your sloppy cunt with your fingers. Your body began to convulse, shaking as the waves of pleasure ripped through you, much to the delight of your audience.

"Cum on her, Doug" Cheryl urged, "cum on her…."

"yes, Doug, cum on me…. Wherever you want, baby…. Show your wife what you can do….."

Suddenly my body tensed as I groaned, my cock throbbing visibly in my hand, the head of my cock a dark red, begging for release. I squeezed my balls, and erupted over top of your sweet tits, my hot cum spraying across one breast and nipple. Cheryl moaned as well, clamping her hand hard onto her cunt as she began to orgasm, her tits bouncing with her own convulsions, watching her husband creaming the pretty brunette with the shaved pussy….. I kept stroking my cock, squeezing out spurt after spurt onto your tits and chest and neck, looking down at you smiling back at me, begging me for more…. "That's it, baby, right here on my tits, cum on me, Doug…. Right in front of your wife….. "

Oh god…. This was too much, looking down at your cum-covered tits, seeing my wife trying to catch her breath right beside us, I reached down to your smooth cunt, and cupped it with my hand, feeling your warmth…. "That was amazing, Julee…."

"Next time, I want you to cum in my mouth" you said, staring up at me, "that is, if your wife doesn't mind…."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Fantasy

My wife and I have been married for almost 10 years. She's 35, blonde with blue eyes, with a terrific, curvy body and fantastic 36c tits. She's shy and conservative, which makes the fantasy of seeing her with another guy just that much more erotic! I love seeing other guys checking her out, and I know that they're wondering what those tits would look like naked! I just wish she'd show them off sometime!

I like the idea of going to a party with my wife where the lights are fairly dim, and after a few drinks I convince her to remove her bra so she can tease the guys who are checking her out. Hopefully, it would be crowded there, with lots of touching, and I'd see some guy sneaking a quick feel of her as we roamed through the crowd.

Meanwhile I'd be doing the same for any girls that happened to bump into me, enjoying knowing that my wife is watching me and the girls who let themselves be touched and groped.

She'd see me grabbing a girl's tit or ass and smile, and let some stranger grab her in return. At some point I'd see a guy's hand caressing her tits, not just going for a quick grab, but holding them and squeezing them... I'd see her hand reach down to his crotch, rubbing over his obviously hard cock.

As we mingle a little more, have another drink, she tells me that he's asked her to check with her husband to see if it's OK if he slides his hand up under her shirt. Even in the dim lights, I can see that her face is flushed, and she's excited. I tell her to let him if she wants.... the next thing I know is the guy is standing behind her, reaching around her front, his hand caressing just under her braless full tits, still over her shirt. My shy little wife then holds out the bottom of her shirt, and he takes the cue to reach under it to grab her naked tits.... My lovely wife's eyes widen as the stranger's hand cups her warm, soft breast.

The whole time I'm standing nearby, watching, occasionally grabbing and rubbing the pretty girls who are talking with me or brushing past, but never taking my eyes off my wife, allowing the stranger to grope her tits under her shirt...

I keep watching, seeing his hands grabbing her tits under her tight shirt... I see the outline of his hands squeezing and caressing her tits, as she relaxes, leans back and smiles at me... her hand disappears behind her back and I know that she's trying to grab his cock.....

When he finally lets her go, she comes over to me and I tell her how turned on I am from watching another guy feeling her up like that... I ask her if she enjoyed feeling a stranger's hands on her tits, and she says she loved it, she also tells me that she reached back to grab his cock and hoped I didn't mind! I tell her of course not, and she should reach into his pants, wouldn't it be amazing to put her hand right on his hot, hard cock....

She wanders back over towards him, I notice several guys checking out her tits and hard nipples as she walks past them.... the guy stands behind her once again, this time both his hands are free and he doesn't wait for an invitation. He immediately reaches under her shirt, grabbing and squeezing her soft tits in his hands... Her shirt is riding up a bit, high enough that her stomach is exposed, and the bottom curve of her breasts- when they're not covered by his hands, that is. She winks at me and reaches behind her, grabbing for his cock.... She leans back to say something to him, and he takes his hands away, reaching down to his pants, but leaving her shirt halfway up her tits. I realize that she's asked him to undo his pants for her. His simple task completed, he reaches around to her partly exposed tits once again, as my wife reaches back behind her, moving downwards. His hands stop squeezing her tits momentarily, as I realize that her hand has found what she was looking for... again she smiles at me, silently telling me that she has this stranger's hard cock in her hand....

I watch as my wife allows the stranger to fondle her tits, her shirt working higher and higher until her tits are totally exposed, watching his hands massage them. Her arms disappear behind her back, and I know that she's got his hard cock in her hands. Other people around are involved in their own things, and don't really notice my cute little wife getting felt up so brazenly... She eventually breaks away from him again, pulling her tight shirt down and walking back over to me.

She asks me if I'm enjoying what I'm seeing, and reaches down to my cock for her answer. Grasping my cock through my pants she tells me that she will ask me the same thing she asked him: "Would you undo your pants for me, I want to feel your cock..."
"Oh my god," I tell her, "you actually told him you wanted to feel his cock?" She nodded, and said that she was so nervous, but she couldn't wait to get her hands on his naked cock..... I undo my pants for my wife, and she grasps my hard, pusling cock in her hand, smiling at me, saying "Do you realize that I've held two cocks in the last few minutes?" I moan approvingly as she squeezes it and strokes it briefly, before telling me that she wants to find a slightly more secluded corner, and I should follow them. With that, she turned and started walking back towards him....
I do up my pants and follow her. She leans into him again, and then takes him by the hand, heading off to the edge of the room. I follow. She leans back against a wall, and pulls her shirt up over her tits, exposing them to him, almost displaying them for him. He wastes no time going for them, grabbing and fondling them. She reaches down to his pants to pull down his zipper and pull out his hard cock.... I watch as she grasps it with both hands, slowly pumping it, staring at it. She cups his balls, and fondles them the same way his hands were working over her tits.... again she smiles at me as I watch her stroking another man's cock.....

She continutes to pump and stroke his cock, enjoying how hard and thick it is in her hands... he says something to her and she smiles at him, then licks her finger and runs her wet finger over his cockhead... After a few minutes teasing him like this, she tells him to wait for just a second, and walks over to me, her shirt still pulled up over her tits.... She tells me that he wants her to suck him, and what should she do.... I ask her if it turns her on to have a stranger ask her to suck his cock, and she nods... I push my hand down her pants to touch her pussy, which is soaking wet and so hot..... She moans and says that it turns her on so much to think about sucking another man's cock.... I tell her that I'll be right here, watching.....

She walks back over to him, as another girl comes up beside me, a cute brunette, who has been watching all of this and asked me who the blonde is... I told her she's my wife.... she whispers to me that it looks like I'm about to see my wife give another man a blow job.... mmmm, I said, I certainly hope so.....

My wife positions her friend so his back is to the wall, and pulls his pants right down, crouching down in front of him.... My cock thobs in my pants as I drink in the sight of my gorgeous wife so consumed with the beautiful, hard cock in front of her. She keeps stroking and fondling his cock and balls, which are now positioned directly in front of her face.... Me and my new friend move a little to the side, and my wife sees us and winks, as she extends her tongue and flicks it lightly over the tip of his cock.... mmmmm, seeing my wife's face so close to his cock....

The brunette asks if I mind if she stays and watchs too, and I tell her the price of admission is going to be at least her shirt... she grins and says no problem, peeling off her shirt, exposing her beautiful tits.... my wife saw all of this and winks at me again, approvingly, as she opens her mouth to accept the tip of the stranger's cock into it.....

This time I move around behind the brunette so I can reach around her and grab her tits, as I watch my wife permit another man to press his cock into her mouth... the brunette leaned back and asked me if this was the first time my wife had sucked another cock, and I told her yes.....

I reach down to undo my pants once again, and my sexy little brunette took the hint and thrusts her hands down to grasp my very hard, throbbing cock.... Mmmm, she whispers.... it seems like you quite enjoy seeing your wife offering her mouth to a stranger's cock...... I keep squeezing her tits as my wife looks over at me, the stranger's cock inching its way deeper into her mouth.... she takes his balls in her hand, as she allows him to gently pull her mouth deeper and deeper onto his cock..... My cock throbs in the girl's hand.... my hands moved down her body, to her waist and I start pulling up her skirt..... oh yes, she whispers.... feel my pussy.... feel it right here so your wife can see.....

With several inches of a stranger's cock already deep inside my wife's mouth, she watched as my fingers spread the pretty young brunette's pussy exposing her wetness.... I push a finger into her wet, slippery hole as my wife takes the entire length of his cock into her mouth in one fluid stroke.... holding it deep in her mouth and throat..... I hear him moan as he feels my wife's mouth take his entire shaft.... the brunette moaned too, saying that my wife looks so good with his cock in her mouth... my cock throbs and the brunette squeezes it back, saying it's obvious how much I like seeing my wife suck another guy.... mmmmm.... there was my pretty wife, crouching in front of another guy, his cock buried in her wet mouth....
Mmmm, pump my cock, I tell the brunette.... she starts jacking me with her hands.... as I push a second finger into her slippery pussy..... oh yes, she moaned, although I wasn't sure if she was expressing her approval of my fingers in her, or the show my wife and the stranger was putting on....

My wife pulld back from his cock, letting it slide out of her mouth, caressing his hot, wet cock with her hand as she leaned back to admire it.... she turns to look over at me and I smile, she could see that the brunette was pumping my cock with her hands... my wife pulled the stranger's cock down to her mouth and swallowed the entire length of it in one motion... he moaned again, and I knew that his cock was pulsing in my wife's sweet mouth... he reached down to her head, grabbing her hair and guiding her mouth on him, in and out, letting her know that husband or no, she was not going to get away from him.... She moaned, letting him know that she wasn't going anywhere.....

Suddenly the brunette turns around, and tells me that I need a better viewpoint to watch my wife from... she pushes me back against the wall, right beside the stranger, and drops to her knees in front of me, right beside my wife..... she pulls my pants right down as well, and looked over at my wife sucking the stranger... my wife nodded as best she could with her mouth full of him, and my brunette opened her mouth to take my cock in.....

Leaning back against the wall, I look down at the pretty brunette kneeling in front of me, with her mouth open, ready for my cock.... she tells me just watch your wife... sucking another man for the first time.... I look over at my wife, and from this angle I can see her pretty face and mouth open for his cock, sliding it in and out of her lips.... then it's my turn to moan as the brunette lowers her warm, wet mouth onto my cock, sucking it deep into her throat....

Seeing another woman sucking her husband, my wife moans her approval. Twisting her head slightly, she can see her husband's cock disappearing into another woman's mouth, as she eagerly sucked on her new friend.... with one hand my wife reaches up to fondle the stranger's balls, and then she reaches up to do the same to mine.... squeezing them as my cock works in and out of the brunette's mouth, her lips bumping against my wife's fingers occasionally....

Being right beside him, I also hear everything he says to my wife.... telling her what an amazing cocksucker she is, and how good her mouth feels on his cock..... hearing him moan from the pleasure my wife was giving him..... then he tells her that he wants to fuck her tits, they felt so good earlier, he needs to slide his cock between them..... he allows her to pull back, and reposition herself up a little on her knees, so her tits are now aligned with his hard, wet cock. She lookd up at him and demurely invites him to slide his cock between her tits, telling him that her husband absolutely loves fucking her tits..... squeezing them together, she allows his cock to press in between them, as he starts thrusting it up through her big, soft tits....

Oh yeah, he groans, they feel so good.... I watch the head of his cock thrusting up in between her tits, to be met with my wife's mouth and tounge as she licks and sucks his cock each time it came within range....

mmmmm.... the brunette sucks me deeper and faster as I watch my gorgeous wife being tit-fucked and loving it..... my cock fills her mouth as she takes all of me, moaning, letting my wife right beside her know how much she was enjoying her husband's cock....

The stranger beside me tells my wife that he is close to cumming, and tells her to give him her mouth again.... she looks up at me, and asks me if she should let him cum in her mouth.... I nod, and she looks up at him, opening her mouth wide, and placing it just under his cockhead... he tells her how good she looks, waiting for his cum like that.....

She sucks on his cock again and strokes it with her hand, looking up at me, then him, telling him to please cum for her.... I keep thrusting my cock in and out of the cute young brunette 's mouth, watching my wife begging another guy to cum for her.... I knew that he was only seconds away from exploding, and the thought of another man's cock about to cum in my beautiful wife's mouth made me delirious... suddenly he groaned that he was cumming, and my wife covered his cockhead with her mouth.... I could see his cock pulsing as his cum erupted in my wife's mouth, hearing him moan as she holds his throbbing cock in her mouth, still stroking his shaft with her hand.... she pulls back, directing his cock down at her tits, asking him to cover her tits too.... I watch as he spurts cum several more times onto my wife's big, soft tits....

She looked up at him, smiling and asks if he enjoyed it... He groaned "Oh fuck, yes....."

She then looks over at me, and asks what about you, did you enjoy that? It was my turn to groan, as my brunette pulls my cock from her mouth, looks over at my wife, her wet mouth and her cum-covered tits.... "Are you ready to show her," she challenged me, "are you ready to show your wife how turned on she made you? Cum on... let her see.... let her see you cum on another girl...... mmmm, show your wife how horny you are......"

Oh fuck... I couldn't hold back any longer.... seeing my wife kneeling in front of another guy, her tits exposed and soaked with his cum, seeing the sexy little brunette kneeling in front of me, encouraging me to cum, it was all too much.... As she pumped my cock I exploded, sending a stream of cum over her body and onto her face and hair.... she teased me more, telling me to cum on her, show my wife how turned on she got me.... spurt after spurt I came on her, hitting her mouth, her chin and down her tits as my wife looked on....

Oh yes... see what you've done to me, I gasped.... lost in the intense pleasure of the moment.....

As my throbbing cock began to recover, my wife started to get up, leaning into the stranger's softening cock, and sucking it into her mouth one last time.... "mmmm, thank you," she told him.... and then leaned over to my softening cock, and sucked it into her mouth the same way.... "mmmm, and thank you," she told me....